Love in the bottle.

As a young adult about 19years old, i lived in a small neighbourhood in kampala called kyebando where many people living around me were caught up and consumed by vices of drugs and alcohol many of which unemployed and lacked the basic education needed to stand out as an average citizen of the nation(Uganda).

My parents were loving and supporting and provided me the basics of life and taught me alot. Am proud of them. Outside my home was a depressed society full of vices caused by poverty and setbacks by cultural norms. Many had no jobs and had to survive by prostitution and selling weed to get by.

My biggest motivation to write this is the children of these destroyed parents that raise their kids of below 10years under these vices of poverty and abuse of women mentally, physically, emotinally and phsycologically. It hurts me to my core. These are kids that could have big dreams and ambitions and hope for a better future taken away by these vices in my society. These people in their childhoods belived man was to come home drink have sex and sleep. Many dont even look for jobs because they are depressed and turn to what they know best “The bottle” which is why i write this piece to help some one out there going through the same situation. Get help go to a councilor talk to a friend and love your families and build strong Nations. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.